Nissan X-Trail 2023

  We have received the first information about the Nissan X-Trail 2023 New Body Price. The price of the new generation X-Trail, one of the brand's best-selling SUV models, which will be available in Japan on July 25, has been announced for its users in its home country. 2023 New Chassis Nissan X-Trail hit the road in 2000 with its T30 coded case. This vehicle, which is on the slightly larger side of the C SUV class, stepped into the sector at the same time as the Nissan Terrano. The X-Trail, which changed its shell in 2007, got its third generation in 2013. It also experienced a great change in terms of design. Last year, the fourth generation with the code T33 came to light. Let's learn more about the new Nissan X-Trail, produced on the CMF-CD platform, the product of the Renault-Nissan partnership. Nissan X-Trail 2023 New Chassis Price The new Nissan X-Trail, front-wheel drive models 3,198,800 YEN to 4,298,800 YEN, 4WD (e-4ORCE) option is offered for sale in Japan be